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Hillary Harris, Prosperity Coach, Intuitive Strategist and Founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is also a highly acclaimed, internationally sought after Speaker and Facilitator. She provides unique, transformational, heart and soul provoking presentations to organizations, conferences, special events and the general public.

Whether working with small groups or presenting in front of large audiences, Hillary gets directly to the core of the matter, allowing people to finally free themselves from fear, follow their heart, and make a quantum leap in their personal and professional development. While both inspiring and challenging participants, Hillary will share the secret to what she calls “Effortless Success” – defining your own path and creating exactly what you truly desire for your life and work, doing it your way, with great success... without the struggle!

A Summa Cum Laude graduate of Dartmouth College and a graduate of Coach University, Hillary built her flourishing coaching and speaking business using a combination of maverick thinking and visionary principles. She is highly intuitive, skilled in strategic thinking and action and knows how to produce results – helping people find “soul”utions for fulfillment through releasing the perceptions and beliefs that stop them from achieving and maintaining real abundance, prosperity and success.

Hillary brings to her keynotes, presentations and facilitations a breadth of experience in technology sales and marketing, market research consulting, customer support,
executive search consulting, leadership training and development, and the arts. Such a diverse background has given her the ability to relate to and understand the concerns of all types individuals ranging from the corporate-minded CEO to the free-spirited musician. It has also taught her how to cross communication bridges to deliver her provocative universal and spiritual messages and philosophies in a very practical, tangible and easily accessible manner.

Passionate about sharing her extraordinary insights during this time of unprecedented global change, Hillary reaches even wider audiences as the dynamic and energetic radio host of 'Ascension 360 - Navigating the New World Energies' - her own radio talk show airing on Ascension360.net. Bringing insights, information and a new world view to empower you, she is a voice of and representative for the embodiment of Truth, Integrity and Divine Love that is necessary for living and thriving in the new energies and new era we are inhabiting. Hillary serves as a conduit for the wisdom of her listener's Higher Selves and a steadying force and navigator for the extraordinary transition we are undergoing. As a Vibrational Catalyst and New Reality Architect, she teaches us literally how we can build and create our new world into existence. Hillary does not channel her messages, but rather allows the information to come through her 'straight from the Source's mouth' - ensuring its absolute and infinite clarity, purity and power.

Whether in person or over the airwaves, Hillary connects with and touches audiences, deeply engaging them while forever altering their perspective and their experience of money and prosperity, work and career, spirituality and life. Her presentation style is highly interactive and dynamic and will have a positive and profound impact… guaranteed!

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Hillary Harris - Speaker Demonstration

  Challenging Your Money Mind$et: 7 Steps To Becoming A Money Magnet
  Finding Your SOUL PURPOSE: Who Are You Here To Be, What Are You Here
To Do?
  Your Role And Your Soul: Redefining Success As A Woman And A
Woman In Business
  Want To Be Successful & “Sane” AND In Business?: Learn The FIVE S’s
Of Success
  Succeeding Beyond Belief: Break Through Limiting Beliefs To Create The Life And Work You Desire…YOUR Way!
  Flicker To FLAME!: Returning Passion And Purpose To Your Everyday Work, Your Career Choices And Your Life
  Taking The “Work” Out Of Your Work Search - Let Your Perfect Job Find You!
  CUSTOMER CARE – CUSTOMER CARE-LESS: Common Sense Business Practices For Uncommon Business Success
  Business UNusual: Inspiring From Within
How To Successfully Lead Your Company In Changing And Challenging Times

If you are interested in hiring Hillary to speak for your next event, please contact her directly at 617-472-7626 or complete her online Speaker Request form.

NOTE: A topic may be created or customized from above to meet your needs. Presentation length is determined by the event and your specific requirements.

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Does it seem that the economy and the state of world affairs are impacting your personal and professional bottom line?

Consider this – outside forces have nothing to do with how much money you have. Rather, what YOU think, feel, believe and say about your money determines your level of prosperity. And your “relationship” between you and your money is a critical factor in your ability to achieve and maintain true abundance! Are you comfortable and confident or do you have fear and ambivalence about your money? In this presentation you will transform your old money beliefs to attract more prosperity, create effortless success and become an irresistible money magnet in 7 powerful steps!

What is your Soul Purpose? Are you living and working from it?

Your “soul” purpose is the authentic truth of who you are, what you value and what you are here to do. Today, more than ever, it is crucial to connect with this truth in order to find real fulfillment. Living from your Purpose brings clarity and allows you to attract whatever you desire with ease! In this heart provoking presentation you will learn the necessary ingredients for experiencing true joy and creating and living a life that is deeply and profoundly satisfying.

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You know what they say… “All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl!” But how do you balance your highly competitive career and your super-woman, "you can do it all and still have time for a nap” life? How do you take care of business, take care of yourself and still be successful?

This is your opportunity to look beneath your work role, deep into the core of who you are and what you are creating for yourself so that you can build a solid foundation for a satisfying, successful career and a fulfilling, balanced life!

To succeed and achieve balance in business and in life - learn the FIVE S's that everyone must know: Structure, Support, Self-Care, Simplify & Success! This is not your typical business building/business plan presentation. Practical tools and powerful insights guaranteed!

(This presentation is a version of the one above but can also be geared toward both men and women – small business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, managers and leaders.)

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Finally, break through the limiting beliefs, myths and misconceptions that stop you from creating and attaining the life and work you most desire…and do it your way!

You’ve heard the saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Well, how about, “I’ll see it when I BELIEVE it!” If you want to change your life, you must change your beliefs. What you believe about yourself and your circumstances is the key to having whatever you desire in life…or not! This presentation is your opportunity to learn how to believe your way to success, prosperity, well being and balance…effortlessly!

Does your career light you up inside and out? Is your work an inspiring, exciting and satisfying expression of who you are? Do you feel passionate about what you do…or have those once burning embers cooled and begun to fizzle out? You spend more time at work, with the people you work with, than anywhere else in your life – including with your own family! So why not be passionate about it?!

Life is too short not to be doing what you love. In this presentation, you will discover how to bring the spark of passion to that flicker and rekindle that career flame.

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Has your job search become a full-time job of its own, not to mention a real grind? This one-of-a-kind presentation will reveal the secrets of how to stop struggling and start attracting the career you want…effortlessly! You will learn the:
  12 key principles of Attraction for becoming an opportunity magnet
  5 hidden energy drainers that cause job search struggle - and how to avoid them
  3 critical Beliefs that will guarantee a successful career search
  1 unbreakable rule to having the work you truly desire

Have you noticed that the concept of quality customer service has taken a serious dive in the last 20 or so years? Doing business and doing it well is not rocket science. So how come, in so many cases, the technology boom that was thought to only enhance productivity and quality has actually done damage to business by removing that all-important “human touch”? This presentation sheds light on the issues at hand and offers powerful and practical solutions that will yield BIG results for your bottom line!

When a company is challenged by internal shifts or external events it can shake it to its very foundation. The impact is hard to gauge and even harder to heal without the proper tools. Many people in leadership roles are at a loss as to how best to communicate with employees in order to move through uncertain and unprecedented times. How do you keep your organization focused on the tasks at hand? How do you work in a “business as usual” mode?

The answer is…you don’t. This is the time of Business UNusual. How are you functioning within it? How do you determine what is most important? How can you more than just survive and, in fact, thrive? And how will you lead and inspire others into a new future? This presentation will guide you to the answers to these critically important questions and enlighten you about the new world leadership practices that are necessary for your business to succeed and be prosperous - inside and out.

For a more detailed description of a particular presentation topic and for information about speaking fees, please contact Hillary Harris at
617-472-7626 or complete her online
Speaker Request form.

References available upon request.

NOTE: A topic may be created or customized from above to meet your needs. Presentation length is determined by the event and your specific requirements.

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