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  About Hillary

My Vision is a World where… each and every one of us is pursuing our deepest passions, expressing our authentic selves, living the life we have dreamed about while being in Flow and attracting prosperity and abundance with effortless ease!

A World where all people wake up each day curious and excited with anticipation for what blessings and gifts are to come.

A World where we all come to know and remember the truth of Who we really are and that, in this re-membering, we seek and touch our own extraordinary and unique internal light, letting it pour forth with courage, strength, love and power.

A World where we are awakened in consciousness to and come to recognize our Divine 'I AM' nature, opening our hearts to each other and coming together in Unity as we build a new future from an awakened and empowered perspective of Humanity and all of Life.

To touch, heal and transform lives by reconnecting each person with their passion. To assist others in unleashing their power to believe in themselves, believe beyond their limits and believe in their divine right to be prosperous.

To assist those who courageously and authentically desire to awaken, be conscious and aware, live within and from heart-centered energy (guided by the "heart's eye" and their own higher wisdom) and follow the unique calling of their soul purpose as their most valued expression in the world.

Through Coaching, Speaking, Teaching, Writing and Guiding individuals, I offer new perspectives and reaffirm old knowings that remove the struggle from living, create deep healing, release the anchors of the past, open the heart and heart energy and allow people to transform their relationship to and experience with themselves, others, the world around them and life itself so that they can feel more at peace with themselves, more at ease in the world and so they can finally achieve their full potential, receive the abundance that is their birthright and step fully into their Soul's Purpose and reason for being.

I am a sacred carrier of the great message; I am an illuminator of integrity, purpose and authenticity; I am the spark that ignites the passions of others; I am a conduit for GOLD.

I am a truth-teller with boldness and Divine Love, a facilitator in the spiritual development and healing of others, a model for trusting in the void and never giving in or giving up. I am a guide, healer and gardener – planting seeds in others that will one day take root and blossom into the flowers known as dreams and successes. I am a force to be reckoned with!

I am that grain of sand in your oyster, irritating you beyond your comfort zone to help you cultivate your pearl. I am a visionary and forward thinker who pushes the boundaries, always seeing what is possible and believing in the impossible! I am the voice of the New Vibration!

My highest purpose and greatest privilege at this most unprecedented time in our evolution is to serve as the manifestation of the voice of your deepest wisdom and purest heart's Knowing; to mirror back the highest part of you, reflecting the essence of your God-self, reminding you of the true Source of All That Is; guiding you to your authentic truth, passion, heart's desire, New World calling and Soul Purpose expression.

In fulfilling my purpose and delivering my messages to you, your journey of healing, expansion and ascension into higher consciousness and into the new dimension will be activated and accelerated.